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Who Are We
We create trust and help people speak up
Fraudulent activities have a detrimental effect on the finances and reputation of the business. It also negatively affects the morale of the employees and makes it more difficult to retain talent.

Customers become very skeptical of doing business or continuing their business relationships with such organizations where fraud is perpetrated. It adds to all the cost of fraud which eats away into the bottom line profits.

Fraud risk can never be mitigated 100% and fraudsters will always find a way out of the best laid internal control systems. Collusion between two or more employees / suppliers / clients can make fraud go undetected.

The only thing that management can do is to establish mechanisms to detect and deter fraud.  More than 40% of all frauds come to light through whistle-blowing.  It has been proven that early detection results in lower losses. Providing employees, customers and suppliers means to report any ethical concern securely and confidentially would not only detect frauds but also act as a deterrence.

Anonymity and Expertise
Why should you choose Secureline
Independence, confidentiality, transparency, professionalism. Four reasons to choose us as your outsourced partner for whistleblowing services. By ensuring whistleblowing anonymity, we help create healthy organizational cultures, which will lead to greater performance and reduced risk.
Confidentiality is maintained even after the case has been closed.
Safeguards for the whistleblower
Employees can feel free to raise concerns knowing they will not be exposed.
We provide the trustworthiness and independence of anonymous reporting.
Understand your business
We understand the management’s need to deter fraud.
Effective Communication
Two-way communication with whistleblowers is facilitated.
Professional approach
We are a team of highly qualified professionals and understand the challenges a whistleblower faces.
Concerns are reported freely and addressed early, helping to avoid serious damages.
Ethics Secureline
We offer a wide variety of whistleblowing options
We give employees the opportunity to report cases in their preferred mode, maintaining anonymity, privacy and security in all cases. We also configure and customize a hotline solution that fits the needs of your company by combining 4 different hotline mechanisms which provide the option for the employee to remain anonymous.
  • Live Chat

    Employees can message on a dedicated number. They have the option to remain anonymous, provide contact information or receive a case number for a reply.

  • IVR Hotline

    Integrated Voice Recordings are often used as an automated/live phone toll free hotline. A scripted interview—fully customizable—guides the session. Users can remain anonymous or request a reply.

  • Web-based / Email

    Employees can leave feedback by logging into the system. They have the option to remain anonymous, provide contact information or receive a case number for a reply.

  • Call

    Answered immediately by our in-house respectful experts. Caller can remain anonymous, provide contact information or receive a case number for a reply.

Offers and Pricing
We offer real measurable value and results
Our Whistleblowing Hotline Service is completely customisable, so you can create a tailored solution for your organisation. The cost varies depending on company size, location and language requirements.
  • 24/7 web, email and phone reporting
  • Dedicated Implementation Executive
  • On-call language translations
  • Monthly MI and Benchmarking reports
  • Online case logging and reporting system
  • Marketing support pack
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Clients and Industries
Our specialty areas and service industries
We provide whistleblowing services to organisations in almost every industry and sector. Across industry expertise gives us a unique understanding of the types of challenges your organisation will face – and how to overcome them. We bring global talent to regional challenges across 15 business sectors.
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